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PT. Optima Professional accountants engaged in consulting services accounting, taxation, auditing and business advisory.


Want to be a reliable and trusted consultant to all stakeholders.


We provide our clients financial statement with indonesia account standard.

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Wikanto Artadi SE, Ak, CA, CPAI.


Artadi, graduated his bachelor degree in Accounting , University of Trisakti in 2000. He continued to Accountant Profession Education, University of Trisakti in 2008. His State Register for Accountant License No: RNA 10857 and got Chartered Accountant (CA) from Indonesia Accountant Association with lincense No:11.D48402. Further, he also got Certified Professional Auditor of Indonesia (CPAI) from Indonesian Institute of Certified Public Accountants Association.

Artadi started his career with some of International accountant firms including with Deloitte for six years until managerial level. He also served privately multinational companies. Artadi has various experience in auditing and accounting field.

Rizqi Nurhayati SE, AK

Titi, have 12 experience in accounting and audit field, she started her career in one of big firms, and futher continued to deloitte. She have experience in some of multinational companies as financial accounting reporting.

Titi got Chartered Accountant from Indonesian Institute of Accountants, license No : 11.RNA.647. Her state register for accountant No : RNA647

Cassandra Adenan, CPAI

Cassandra started her career in one of big accounting firm, she continued to kapal api company group in supply chain for 5 years. further, she continued to indofood group in accounting consolidation for 5 years. She got certified professional auditor of indonesia - CPAI from Indonesian institute of certified publics accountants.